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We will design a ecommerce website for you that has all the bells and whistles that are displayed on other large ecommerce websites.We provide one of the most affordable ecommerce website design services in South Africa.The ecommerce website design create for you will run on the easy to use Kwikwap content management system which we will train you to use.Having a full ecommerce website will help you compete with much larger competitors at a fraction of the cost since we provide one of South Africa's most affordable website design services.

Your website will have the following features:

- Unlimited Pages

- Unlimited Email Accounts

- Blog/Newsletter

- Unlimited Product listings

- Social Media integration

- Access to all kwikwap modules/plugins (more than 50 at this stage,with constant additions)

Hosting: R165.00pm

Domain Registration Fee: R150.00 (once off & annually renewable)

Clients have the choice of 2 ecommerce website design packages,namely:

Ecommerce Website - Template Design: R2500.00

Ecommerce Website - Unique Design: R3500.00

Deposit Required:

Template Design: R1800.00

Unique Design: R2500.00

Terms: Your ecommerce website will be designed and activated within 2-4 working days.Balance of payment is required before the demo site is linked to your registered domain.Custom design websites can take up to 7 days or more.

NB: Complete the form below and pay the requested deposit and your website can be active within 48-72 hours, or visit our Website Shop.

Buy Ecommerce Website

To buy an affordable ecommerce website please complete the form below

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  * Package Required :
  Template Ecommerce Website - R2500.00
  Custom Ecommerce Website - R3500.00

NB: After completing this form please check your inbox for an automated email that contains banking details for the payment of the deposit.