Organisations need leaders, not puppets - 2018-03-18

One of the most vital processes in the continued sustainability of an organisation, is succession planning. Without an effective, implementable and transparent succession planning model, an organisation will flounder on the death, retirement or disablement of its founder. One of the biggest corporate succession planning disasters of the 20th cen... more

Wrap yourself around your customers - 2018-03-16

One of the key aspects of customer retention is to have multi-level relationship with them.  So in essence, you need to sink your claws into them, and make it extremely difficult for them to extricate themselves from it. Here are some tips on how to wrap yourself around your client: Become their “go to” person – by b... more

Tiger’s Milk Muizenberg – how NOT to do customer service - 2018-03-16

As a web designer, blogger and video journalist, I don’t have a physical office, so usually just find a comfortable place with good coffee and uncapped WiFi to camp out at for a day. Today I chose Tiger’s Milk in Muizenberg. I got in here at 13h00, ordered a drink, and asked the waiter to give me 5 minutes to decide about what I woul... more

We can learn a lot from fishermen - 2018-03-16

Two days ago, I walked from Fish Hoek to Kalk Bay Harbour. The walk is part of my somewhat commitment to getting fit in 2018. Admittedly, I haven’t been really consistent about it. The walks into food places are still winning the battle by a small margin. While sitting around at Kalk Bay Harbour, before making my way back to my car in Fish... more

Now is the time to invest in your business - 2018-03-14

Dealing on a daily basis with small business owners who want maximum marketing returns but only want to invest the bare minimum can be quite frustrating. Every day we have to hear the following: “How long before my website is on the first page?” “Is that the best price you can offer?” (even though we are the most af... more

Build passive income through digital content marketing - 2018-03-14

One of the biggest concerns for any business, in any industry, is how to continue to build and expand different revenue streams. Through the use of digital content marketing methods, even SME’s can build “passive” income, through the creation of digital content. The revenue creation process in digital content marketing is simpl... more

Why I love the web design industry - 2018-03-13

I got into the web design industry through the Kwikwap business opportunity, after working in the media, news and photojournalism industry for the previous 12 years. At the time of getting into the web design industry, social media was just taking off. At the time I didn’t know how intertwined the web design and social media marketing indu... more

Information is the most important commodity your business provides - 2018-03-13

We are in the middle of the information age. We came through Industrial Revolution, the Gold Rush and the oil rush, and they were all about extracting resources or manufacturing good. Now, in the information age, some of the biggest companies in the history of the world are simply providers of information. Three modern companies produce nothing ... more

Get the phones ringing in your business again - 2018-03-13

We design websites in our business every day, as it’s our core business. One common concern of most of our clients, after we’ve set up their website, is how to get the phones ringing in their business. A website is like an infant child, it needs to be fed constantly in order to grow. Websites survive and grow with the addition of con... more

Work less and sell more !!! - 2018-03-05

The key to digital content marketing success is not to work harder, but to work smarter. Do the right things, work less and sell MORE!! As I write this article, I’m sitting in a coffee shop enjoying brunch while enjoying a magnificent view of Hout Bay in Cape Town. I have already made one website sale for the day at R3500.00; perhaps I&rsq... more

Best Cape Town Wedding Videographer - 2018-03-05

We designed the website for Wesley Fester Videos, a Cape Town based wedding videographer and filmmaker. Wesley Fester Videos is the website for Wesley Fester, a Cape Town based wedding videographer, filmmaker and video journalist. Wesley is also former photojournalist for two of South Africa’s biggest daily newspapers, The Star and The Cap... more

Why your website is not on Google’s 1st page - 2018-03-04

As web designers, two of the most common questions we face from prospective and new clients are “how long will it take for my website to appear on the 1st page of Google?” and “why is my website not on the 1st page of Google yet?” Some reasons as to why your business may not rank on Google’s first page: Domain: t... more

Cheapest E-commerce Websites in South Africa - 2018-03-04

There are many ecommerce platforms available to small business owners in South Africa. The proliferation of different platforms from Shopify to WordPress websites with ecommerce plugins has muddied the waters. We however, offer the cheapest and most user friendly ecommerce websites in South Africa. Ecommerce websites are required by every busine... more

SME marketing – online marketing failures - 2018-03-04

Online marketing is the pillar of digital marketing processes. With digital content marketing, it’s not a one size fits all. Some industries are more competitive than others, so it becomes more difficult to rank at the top of search engine results than in other industries. While there are many roads to digital content marketing success, th... more

The best content management system in South Africa - 2018-03-04

Our Kwikwap content management system is the best website creation, hosting and management system in South Africa. Our Kwikwap content management system offers all the following: Unlimited Pages. Unlimited Email Accounts. Online Store with all payment facilities. Built-in customised SEO tools. Newsletter/ Blog. Free design templa... more

Creating a video stock agency - 2018-03-03

One of the most exciting projects we’ve worked on 2018, was the creation of a website to serve as a mini video stock agency for journalist, videographer and filmmaker Wesley Fester. The website, Wesley Fester Videos, has a complete video download facility that offers his clients a platform where they can review video footage before downloa... more

Your website will never be complete - 2018-03-03

The surest way to online digital marketing failure and the loss of search engine rankings is to leave your website idle and not update it on a regular basis. With most people only looking at the first 4 or 5 results on the first page of Google, it means that if you are on the 2nd page of Google, it essentially means you are getting very little o... more

Write great content to generate traffic - 2018-03-03

The easiest way to generate web traffic without paying for it is to blog. Blogging is the main pillar of digital content marketing. Here is how to write great content for your blog or your website: Research topics that have not been covered by established industry writers. Review new products and illustrate their usefulness in your busin... more

1st Page of Google – how to get there - 2018-03-03

In SEO and digital marketing the only thing that matters is the 1st page of Google. Because, let’s be honest, no one really goes to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pages of Google. All research points to the fact that more than 70% of people searching online don’t scroll pass the first page. The majority of those only look at the results on the... more

Cape Town Ecommerce Web Designer - 2018-03-03

We offer the most affordable ecommerce website design services from our base in Cape. We design easy to use and cheap ecommerce websites for clients from Cape to Cairo. Whether you own a restaurant in the Cape Town CBD or a construction company in Mpumulanga we are able to create and host a fully automated and easy to manage ecommerce website fo... more

Become a digital marketer - 2018-03-03

As all major industries have taken to online and digital marketing, the ability to digitally market SME’s has grown in importance. Every small business owner can become an expert digital marketer if equipped with right online marketing tools. One of the most important tools for a digital marketer is a completely integrated content manageme... more

SEO – why it’s important - 2018-03-03

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process whereby your website is made visible to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. After the creation of your website, the process of optimising your website in order to rank higher in search engine results pages or SERP’s, is probably the most important online activity you will do in y... more

Our online store features: - 2018-03-03

Pricing Create and add up to 10 different pricing options per product. Payment Methods Quotation Only – get a quote directly from the online store. EFT - The order email will contain your bank details for the client to deposit the money into. PayFast - PayFast is S... more

R165.00 per month – for a full ecommerce website - 2018-03-03

For the cost of two burger meals, small business owners can get a full ecommerce website, that allows them to have a full online store and digital marketing tool. We offer exciting packages that will allow small business owners to create a full ecommerce website from our website shop instantly:   R165.00 Pe... more

R3500.00 – affordable ecommerce website design - 2018-03-03

As South Africa’s most affordable web designers, providing the cheapest ecommerce and SME website design service in South Africa, we are able to provide small business owners with a full ecommerce website for only R3500.00 Some of the exciting benefits and features of our affordable ecommerce websites are: Uncapped web pages. Uncap... more

Website design prices South Africa - 2018-03-03

  Custom Ecommerce Website Template Ecommerce Website Custom 5 Page Website Template 5 Page Website Design/Setup Fee R3500.00 R2500.00 R1750.00 R750.00 Monthly Fee ... more

Ecommerce website design – price comparison - 2018-03-03

We compared our ecommerce website prices to 3 other South African web designers who appear on the 1st page of Google for “cheap ecommerce web designer south Africa”. *as at 3 March 2018 We compared our prices to: Other ecommerce web designers. The price of our premium package to their premium packages. ... more

The power of short words in business writing - 2018-03-02

There is no law in the English language that states we must use long words to communicate an idea. Short words, in many cases have the power of being more effective, than a few long words. Big words can often darken the journey you are trying to entice your reader into taking. Small words will light (I could have used “illuminate”) t... more

Car Dealers – sell more cars!! - 2018-03-02

The motor industry in South Africa is one of the most important industries in South Africa, employing thousands of dealers. The motor industry has changed from being solely dominated by franchised dealer groups, to the point where there is an independent non-franchise car dealer on almost every street corner these days. However, most of these de... more

Build your brand, build your business - 2018-02-27

As unemployment has risen in South Africa over the last couple of years, a large section of the population have entered the SME market as entrepreneurs. Research shows that most of those SME’s employ less than 5 people, and the, majority of them are one man shows. In certain industries such as photography, videography, architecture, writin... more

Estate Agency – digital marketing tips - 2018-02-27

The estate agency industry is one of the largest industries in South Africa, employing in excess of 40 000 estate agents. The majority of those employed and earning a living from the estate agency industry are one man businesses, which on average make about one sale per month. Many of those working in the industry, still choose to work by a... more

Get an affordable ecommerce website - 2018-02-19

As South Africa’s most ecommerce website design agency, we offer the most affordable website and ecommerce solutions to SME’s throughout South Africa from our base in Cape Town. The benefits of an ecommerce website are: It automates the purchasing process. It eliminates the need for handling cash, which improves business secu... more

Market your business constantly - 2018-02-19

Marketing is the lifeblood of any small business. Without marketing there is no advertising, without advertising there are no leads, without leads there are no sales, and without sales there is no revenue. Without revenue you don’t have a business. To avoid that type of vicious cycle, you have to constantly market your business. There are ... more

Need a website ? - 2018-02-19

A website is an essential marketing tool for every business. No business is exempted from the need to have an online presence. A website allows your business to access a global market place 24 hours per day. An affordable website is within reach through us. We provide the most affordable websites and ecommerce websites in South Africa. Our af... more

Most affordable websites in South Africa - 2018-02-17

Having a website for your small business is important, even more important, is to have an ecommerce website. Above all, your website must be affordable, well designed and fully automated. We provide SME’s with affordable websites and ecommerce websites with all the following amazing features, at the most affordable prices in South Africa, ... more

Professional web design is essential for online marketing success - 2018-02-10

Every day, we deal with clients requiring websites, in order to market their businesses online. Amongst the many excuses we hear from potential clients is “my brother/cousin/friend is in IT and they will set up a website for us”. It’s the excuse that amuses me the most. Firstly, there is a HUGE difference between Web Design, We... more

How to write great content for your website - 2018-02-03

RESEARCH: The most important aspect of developing any content is research. Business owners are no longer dealing with clients who don’t have access to industry information. Just a simple Google search will give a client an idea of how factual your information is. FORMULATE YOUR THOUGHTS: Before you start writing, mentally compose the messa... more

Questions to ask your web designer - 2018-02-03

1.What does the design fee entail and do you require a deposit? Always ascertain what the design fee covers and what the payment terms are. In our case we request a 70% deposit, with the balance payable on completion and before the domain is registered and the website is activated. 2.Can I see some samples from your portfolio? Every web de... more

Small business owners must care about Google - 2018-02-02

Google by all accounts is the largest information market pace in the world. Google has about 3.5 billion search queries per day and in excess of 1.2 trillion search queries per year. Google is the world’s largest search engine, with more than 60% of the search engine market, controlling more than double the share of the search engine as all i... more

Dumb people with smart phones - 2018-02-02

Phones have evolved from mere communication devices, to integrated and multi-functional lifestyle and business tools. In some social circles, especially with younger people, it has even become a status symbol. Entrepreneurs need mobile smart phones these days as virtual offices, as in the case of service businesses, many times an office is not r... more

Get a website in under an hour - 2018-02-02

In the world of web design, effectiveness and professionalism, are as important as turnaround times. In most cases, the client should have created a website for the business, weeks, months or even years ago. The challenge faced by many independent web designers, is the fact that they may have to write the code from scratch for a client. In cases... more

Cape Town Water Crisis – how to use the crisis to make money online - 2018-02-02

Cape Town is facing its most severe drought in the last hundred years. If the dreaded Day Zero – the day when taps are expected to run dry – does arrive, it will be the first time a major city runs out of water during modern times. As in every crisis, there are opportunities to profit. There are dozens of water related businesses tha... more

Web content must be easy to share - 2018-02-02

Only if you’ve been living in a cave for the past ten years, are you able to not recognise and see the evidence of the power of social media. Social media has displayed its relevance and prominence in everything from creating Instagram and twitter celebrities who are “famous for being famous”, to driving US presidential campaigns,... more

Your business doesn’t exist online without a website - 2018-02-02

Our mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets have become an integral part of our existence.Almost all our daily activities are performed on digital devices, from checking the weather to reading the news. When searching for a product, service or business, most people these days to a Google search to find it. More than 50% of those searches c... more

The importance of running specials and promotions on your website - 2018-02-02

Specials and promotional campaigns are an essential part of marketing any business. There are huge benefits to running regular specials and promotions. More importantly, running regular specials and promotions, can contribute hugely to your online marketing efforts. The benefits of running regular specials and promotions are: Creating and ... more

NGO online marketing essentials - 2018-01-31

The NGO market is huge in South Africa, as result of its diverse and challenging socio-economic problems. NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organisations) are aimed at addressing the gaps left between government and private sector service delivery and provision. While in the old days NGO’s could simply just rely on conventional funding methods... more

Websites for under R5000.00 - 2018-01-31

Ecommerce websites vary hugely in price and functionality, ranging in price from R500.00 for a basic 5 page website, up to hundreds of thousands for really advanced ecommerce websites designed according to demanding specifications. Well now small business owners no longer have to spend thousands upon thousands to go the full ecommerce route. ... more

No Content = No Traffic = No Sales - 2018-01-30

The three most important words in developing a successful digital content marketing strategy are : Content!!! Content!!! Content!!! A website without content is like a book without text, no one will want read it or take it off the shelf. In the same vein, a website without relevant content will not generate traffic, with traffic there will be no... more

Newsletters are powerful marketing tools - 2018-01-30

After word of mouth advertising, email marketing is still the cheapest, easiest and most effective online marketing tool that can be used as part of a complete digital content marketing strategy. Using the power of email marketing to distribute electronic newsletters has the following benefits: You can deliver the content on your website o... more

Do your research first before posting content - 2018-01-30

While posting new content onto your website or blog is an essential part of digital content marketing, what is more important, is to post relevant and well researched content. Posting new content, simply for the sake of posting, will fail to get you the results you require. We live in the information age, so anyone can simply Google and query th... more

Why your home page and about us pages are important - 2018-01-30

The home page and about us pages are the two most important pages on your website. These are the pages that need to contain the killer content that tells search engines exactly what your business is about and what you want to be found for. Home Page : the home page should give an overview of what the business does and where it is geographically ... more

Fewer meetings, more sales - 2018-01-30

As Cape Town based web designers , providing South Africa’s most affordable website design services, we are daily inundated with requests for meetings. All our services can be provided via our website, without us ever meeting in person with our clients. What has become obvious over years of monitoring this activity, is that it’s almo... more

Use surveys to collect customer information - 2018-01-30

One of the resources required to develop an effective online marketing strategy, is through collecting and collating customer information. One of the easiest ways to collect such information is through online surveys displayed on your website. The benefits of online surveys are: Cheap market research. Building an email marketing database... more

Your website must be mobile responsive - 2018-01-30

Mobile phones and mobile devices such as tablets have changed our lifestyles completely. From alarm clocks to diaries are all now contained within our mobile phones. Mobile phones are no longer just a device for making calls while on the move, it allows us to email, browse the internet, interact on social media and follow our favourite sports teams... more

Develop a bullet proof online marketing strategy - 2018-01-29

The key to online success is through a well planned and executed digital content marketing strategy. Without a content marketing strategy you will lag behind your competitors and not reach the kind of online success that is possible through the regular creation of relevant and engaging digital content. The key to online success hinges on all the... more

Forums on your website improves SEO - 2018-01-29

One of the biggest problems for website owners and digital marketers is the need to create engaging and relevant content for their websites on an ongoing basis. Generally the main forms of content creation are: Blogging Guest blogging Social media posts via Facebook & Twitter – sponsored posts can be very effective YouTube ... more

Use your website to become the go to person in your industry - 2018-01-29

The key to building your website and creating traffic is to use your website to publish all online content on your website’s blog or forum. To become the go to person in your industry: Public regular articles via your website’s blog that solves problems. Develop innovative solutions to client’s problems. Research inef... more

Domains vs Websites - 2018-01-29

As South Africa’s most affordable web designers, based in Cape Town, we daily deal with client’s confusion over what a website is and what a domain is. Often our clients believe that because they have registered and own a domain that it means they have a website. What is a website?? A website, simply put , is a compilation of d... more

Copyright infringement on websites - 2018-01-29

In the age of digital media, copyright infringement has become an almost daily occurrence. Infringing the copyright of individuals or companies can have dire consequences for website owners. Copyright infringement is the use of works protected by copyright law without permission, infringing certain exclusive rights granted to the copyright holde... more

Sell your work online - 2018-01-29

Ecommerce websites with a digital download facility allows professionals such artists, musicians, photographers, writers and other creatives to sell their work online without having to go through a 3rd party vendor and allows the creator to hold onto all the revenue of their work as well their copyright. The benefits of selling your digital work... more

Church and NGO web design - 2018-01-29

In South Africa , churches and NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organisations) , have been notoriously slow in adapting to the digital age. Most churches and NGO’s are still acting like they are operating in the proverbial dark ages, still depending on word of mouth growth, instead of online engagement. There are huge benefits in churches and... more

Sell tickets to your events online - 2018-01-29

Every organisation, from churches to schools, from businesses to motivational speakers, sooner or later will organise an event with an admission fee. The usual way of selling tickets to such events is normally internally via a manual  process (which is susceptible to theft) or via vendors such as Computicket and Webtickets which takes a percen... more

Using digital media to build your ministry - 2018-01-29

The Sermon on the Mount is the most well-known piece of preaching in the bible. Google research indicates estimates of the size of the crowd ranging from 5000 to over 150 000 people who listened to Jesus Christ. Considering that the crowd was drawn to this event before the invention of the modern printing press, it’s one of greatest feat... more

Social media posts can destroy your reputation and business - 2018-01-29

Social media has been the biggest game changer in the distribution of information since the advent of the Gutenberg press. The ability to create and distribute information and ideas has been liberated and democratised and is no longer the sole preserve of the large media and publishing houses. However, there are dangers to this type of freedom, ... more

Every business owner should be a publisher - 2018-01-29

Gone are the days when only serious writers and journalists could have their written words published. Anyone with a blog can have their writing published. The key to creating content on a blog is to create exciting and engaging content that will bring return traffic to your website or blog. As South Africa’s and Cape Town’s most a... more

Crowd Funding – ecommerce websites can help you raise funds - 2018-01-25

Crowd funding, is the process of raising funds or capital without going through the usual processes of banks and NGO’s and secures money directly from the public. An ecommerce website designed by us will help you to do crowd funding from your own website. Our ecommerce websites allow all the usual online payment  methods such as ef... more

Web Design – the importance of including a blog on your website - 2018-01-25

Daily we create affordable websites for clients. On each of these websites a blog is included in the content pages. Unfortunately only a small percentage of our clients have grasped the idea behind the power of blogging. The main reasons you should blog are: Web traffic – constant blogging is an integral part of SEO (Search Engine Op... more

Ten reasons you should use our web design services - 2018-01-25

Ten reasons a business owner or entrepreneur should use our web design services: 1. We are the most affordable web designers not only in Cape Town but in South Africa. 2. Our Kwikwap content management system is SA's easiest to use website management system. 3. We provide clients with extensive training not only in the use of the conte... more

Website Design with sms reminders - 2018-01-25

SMS despite the advent of instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp and Messenger still forms a large part of our daily mobile phone communication. Our affordable websites and ecommerce websites now offer a SMS reminder module. Our SMS Module offers the following benefits: SMS Reminder module allows you to setup automatic reminder... more

Johannesburg, Gauteng Web Designer - 2018-01-25

Johannesburg is the financial and economic hub of South Africa. Gauteng is the largest contributor to South Africa’s GDP. As South Africa’s most affordable web designers, based in Cape Town, a large percentage of our web design revenue is gained from businesses based in Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng area. So whether you own... more

Estate Agency Web Design - 2018-01-24

The real estate industry is one of the biggest industries in South Africa, employing more than 40 000 registered estate agents. Most of those registered agents are one man businesses making on average only 1 sale per month. Thankfully due to the power of online and digital marketing the playing fields have been levelled, thereby enabling sm... more

Online store web design - 2018-01-24

Online stores currently are the key to online expansion for small businesses. Every business needs an online store with online payment facilities to sell to customers anywhere in their country or even the world. We provide South Africa’s most affordable web design and ecommerce web design service. Our affordable and very user friendly ecom... more

Cape Town Web Designer – affordable ecommerce web design & hosting - 2018-01-22

Cape Town is the mother city and international tourist hub of South Africa. It has natural and tourist attractions ranging from Table Mountain to Robben Island, and is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to live and do business in. Snappy Web Designs is based in Cape Town and provides the most affordable web design, web hosting and eco... more

Get an affordable website in 3 easy steps - 2018-01-16

We are offer SME’s the opportunity to create a full ecommerce website at an affordable price in 3 easy to follow steps: Visit our Website Shop: Our website shop offers 100’s of predesigned or off the shelf websites in dozens of categories offering everyone from architects to wedding planners exciting web design options to suit the... more

Cape Town, Western Cape – affordable web designer - 2017-12-21

Cape Town, otherwise known as the Mother City, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, from where we provide Cape Town and South Africa’s most affordable website design services to small and medium sized businesses. We are Cape Town’s leading affordable web designers, providing very affordable web design services to help sm... more

Most affordable web designer in South Africa wishes you a Merry Xmas and prosperous 2018 - 2017-12-19

As the most affordable web designers in South Africa, we wish to send Christmas wishes to all our existing and prospective clients. 2017 we experienced many exciting new developments in the web design business, the biggest game changer however was our Off The Shelf website module, which appears as the Website Shop on our website. The Website ... more

Build your website around your customer - 2017-11-28

The main purpose of any business website is to provide a platform to view the business’s products and then enable the sales process. The key to creating that engagement process is through making the website versatile and user friendly and thereby automating the engagement and sales process. In order for this to happen, the website must pro... more

The cheapest web designer in South Africa - 2017-11-20

Being the most affordable service provider in an extremely competitive industry like web designing is not easy. Yet for the past three years we have managed to become the most affordable provider of ecommerce and SME web design services not only in our home bases of Johannesburg and Cape Town, but the most cost effective website designers in the wh... more

1st Page of Google in 4 easy steps - 2017-11-17

To get your website to the 1st page of Google, follow these 4 easy steps: 1.Website The most important aspect of any online business activity is the creation of a website. Every online activity of the business must always link back to the main business website. The website must be properly structured and contain key words and proper page titl... more

Web Design – why cheap doesn’t mean better - 2017-11-08

As one of South Africa’s most affordable websites designers, operating from our base in Cape Town, we deal with literally dozens of clients every month, who are looking for an effective and affordable web design option. The biggest problem in the web design sector is that clients want to pay beer money for champagne web design packages. ... more

Use your website and YouTube channel to grow your sales - 2017-10-16

The main purpose of websites, social media and other digital platforms is two-fold : To engage with customers. To grow your sales. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to engage with clients is through social media. As a social media platform, YouTube, is one of the fastest growing platforms and if ranked as a search engine it would ra... more

Build a YouTube channel and grow your sales - 2017-08-30

YouTube by all accounts is now the second largest search engine in the world.In order to drive online growth, companies are now creating YouTube channels in order to market and review their products and services and also using the video platform to drive traffic to their various online marketing platforms. Consumers can also subscribe to these chan... more

The importance of Google My Business and Google Maps - 2017-08-30

Google as a search engine, is larger than all it's competitors combined.So more likely than not, when a potential client searches for a business or service, they will do that search via Google. Most research shows that more than 75% of people do not look at results beyond the 1st page of Google. Most of those will only look at the top 5 resu... more

Your website needn't cost you an arm and a leg - 2017-08-23

Having a website, is unquestionably, the most important aspect of your online marketing efforts.Without a website you simple won't be able to achieve the one thing that every business needs to do to remain relevant in the digital age: RANK ON THE 1st PAGE OF GOOGLE. Your website must always form the core of your online marketing strategy.Eve... more

Website Designers for 4x4 dealers and accessories suppliers - 2017-08-07

Wesley Fester Media is a leading and affordable web design and digital marketing agency to the ever expanding 4x4 industry. Our affordable ecommerce web design options allows 4x4 dealers and suppliers to fully automate their businesses online. We offer the following features specific to the motor industry: Auto Dealer Module Caravan D... more

Johannesburg Web Designer - 2017-07-24

As South Africa’s most affordable web design and digital market agency, we do lots of work for clients in Johannesburg and Gauteng as whole. I would estimate that about 60% of our clients are based in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. We provide affordable web design solutions to clients in Johannesburg. In the past month we have prov... more

Why ecommerce is important to your small business - 2017-07-24

As South Africa’s most affordable web design and digital marketing agency, our business is rooted in the drive to increase our client’s online sales and to sustain and grow those sales. What we have discovered over our years on interaction with SME’s however, is that SME owners either don’t grasp the importance of ecommer... more

Use Email to market your business - 2017-07-17

Email, I believe, is still the most affordable and one of the most effective ways to market your business. Don’t ever discount power of a well scripted marketing newsletter to bring in sales and stimulate interest from potential customers. The benefits of using email marketing: It’s CHEAP. It is easy to create an email databa... more

Website Shop – the easiest way to buy a website - 2017-07-15

Daily we create ecommerce websites for our clients, our clients range from dog parlours to doctors, and from coffin makers to construction company, and from restaurants to retirement homes. These clients all have one thing in common: a desire to automate the marketing and sales of their products and services. So it stands to reason then that ... more

Cape Town Web Designer - 2017-07-15

I love web design, it’s one of the most interesting and constantly evolving industries in which to work and operate a business in. Being a web designer in Cape Town, South Africa, also known as the Mother City, is to live a dream lifestyle that very few can live. The area of web design has evolved far beyond the process of creating web pag... more

How to market your website - 2017-07-15

The marketing of your website is the one action you will take in your business that will keep on bringing in sales for years to come. The process of marketing your website is not an overnight task, as it takes loads of time and effort to drive traffic to your website. In order to market your website to generate leads and sales, you one of 2 thin... more

The most important pages for ecommerce websites - 2017-07-15

As South Africa’s most affordable web design and digital marketing agency, operating from Cape Town, we often get strange and quirky website design requests from time to time. Often a potential client will call us with a “quickie” or “emergency” job for a 1 or 2 page website. I always find this quite amusing as the ... more

Restaurants – boost your turnover with online orders and bookings - 2017-07-14

The food industry is one of the most competitive industries, not only in South Africa, but globally.Every other week a new fad in food is being raved about online not only to stimulate our taste buds but also to open our wallets. Some of the biggest companies in the world are food retailers and restaurant chains such as Woolworths, Walmart, Mcdo... more

Car dealers can now sell more cars - 2017-07-14

As South Africa’s most affordable web design and digital marketing agency, we can assist car dealers to sell more cars online via their own website and digital marketing platform. We offer car dealers fully customised ecommerce websites with the following features: Unlimited Pages Unlimited Email accounts – allows each sales ... more

Questions to ask your web designer - 2017-07-14

How long will it take to build my website? This is very important as most clients are in urgent need of a website when they finally get down to contacting a web designer. The length of time that is required to take your website live depends on your requirements.A simple 5 page website based on a template design could take a day.While a cust... more

How I make money while walking around in my pyjamas - 2017-07-14

Often I hear the saying, “with hard work comes rewards”. Then I think to myself, “what is the definition of hard work??”. Sadly most people’s definition of hard work, is getting up at 6am to travel to work on the busy highways or with cramped public transport to go slave away for a boss from 8am to 5pm. For self-... more

How to raise funds for your NGO online - 2017-07-14

NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organisations) are organisations that fill the gaps that are left and created between government and the private sector. They help raise funding and create awareness around literally hundreds of different issues affecting our society, from AIDS to homelessness, to sexual abuse and community upliftment, just to name a f... more

Why your website is not bringing in sales - 2017-07-14

As South Africa’s leading and most affordable web design and digital marketing agency, we have literally hundreds of clients. Most of these clients joined up with us after having websites created with other web design agencies that simply did not work for them. The biggest mistake, when it comes to web design, made by clients, is the inten... more

Writers, Artists, Musicians, Photographers – sell your work online - 2017-07-13

In the digital world, more and more, artists and those in the creative fields have to not only be creative but also be entrepreneurs and find unique and innovative ways of selling their work. As South Africa’s most affordable ecommerce web designers, we can offer anyone who wishes to sell their creative work online a fully customised ecomm... more

How we became the most affordable ecommerce web designers in South Africa - 2017-07-13

Over the years we operated under various names but had only one owner, Wesley Fester, so the decision was made to change the name of the company to Wesley Fester Consulting. Through our association with Kwikwap and the use of the Kwikwap content management system, which is the easiest to use website content management system in South Africa, we ... more

Kwikwap – the best business opportunity in South Africa - 2017-07-13

Since 2006, Kwikwap has offered South Africa’s best and most affordable business opportunities in the constantly growing field of web design, digital marketing and ecommerce. Kwikwap is the world’s easiest website creation and management software and it’s totally South African.The great thing about buying into the Kwikwap busin... more

Estate Agents – how to sell more properties - 2017-07-12

Property sales is probably one of the most challenging sales based industries, especially in South Africa, where there are more than 35000 registered estate agents across the country. According to industry figures the average estate agent only makes 1 sale every 1 to 2 months.This is an astonishingly low figure, which accounts for the high attri... more

Using a Gmail account ?? – you cannot be serious about business - 2017-07-12

The most important aspect of business is how it is presented to others, more importantly how it is perceived by potential clients. Whenever I see a potential business associate sending me a business related email from a Gmail or other free email account, I start questioning their business operations. I start thinking “if this guy doesn&rsq... more

Why online branding is key to business success - 2017-07-12

Online branding is a key part of marketing your business in the digital space. Branding simply put is the process of creating uniform imagery and identity across all your online media and platforms. When you brand your business, it helps people and potential clients identify with who your business is and what you offer. Branding also helps your ... more

Effective Web Design and SEO in one package - 2017-07-12

There are literally millions of websites in South Africa, with thousands more created daily. With this proliferation of websites, comes the need to optimise your website using various SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques. If your website is not optimised to be found on search engines such as Google, all you really have is a nice looking l... more

The cost of ecommerce web design in South Africa - 2017-07-12

Do a Google search for an ecommerce web designer and the results you get on the first page will leave you shocked and reeling after you do some investigation into the pricing structures of mist web designers. One of the biggest web design companies in SA charges in excess of R25000.00 plus a monthly fee of R750.00 for up to 20 web pages and a ma... more

Creating an online store for your business is the smartest thing to do - 2017-07-12

As online business an ecommerce activities grows into new realms and sectors every day, it’s important for ALL businesses to realise that the internet and digital content marketing is here to stay. Consumers crave relevant information and their most important device in this brave new world of commerce are their mobile smartphones and table... more

Blog your way to massive profits online - 2017-07-12

Blogging is not only important to your online marketing efforts, it’s ESSENTIAL to your online marketing efforts. Blogging is important for the following reasons: Content: online marketing is about creating and distributing exciting and relevant content via your website and blog. By constantly updating your blog with new and engaging... more

Get your business onto the 1st page of Google in 4 easy steps - 2017-07-11

If you want to get your website onto the first page of Google then follow these four easy steps and your business could soon rank on the first page of Google for the keywords you require: Create a website – the first action in any digital marketing or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign is to create an effective and responsive w... more

How a YouTube channel enhances your online marketing - 2017-07-11

YouTube if considered by traffic is the second largest search engine in the world,fortunately for the owners of Google, they also own the video channel. In this age of digital and online marketing,YouTube could form an essential and profitable element of a highly successful digital content marketing campaign. The benefits of a Youtube channel... more

Make more SALES in your business EVERY month!! - 2017-07-11

The sole purpose of a business is to SELL. No business can survive or be profitable without selling its products of services. In the modern online world you cannot sell more online if you are not generating web traffic and you cannot generate more web traffic if you’re not creating great content on your website. The key to online sales ... more

How to build a successful digital marketing campaign - 2017-07-11

The most important aspects of a successful digital marketing campaign is: Planning – the success of the campaign is dependent on your plan of action.The plan of action must be created through documenting a medium to long-term strategy that takes into account the most vital and critical aspects of the business. Implementation – p... more

How we can help your business create an online presence - 2017-07-11

Wesley Fester  strives to be the most affordable,effective and exciting web design service in South Africa.Even though we are Cape Town based we provide web design and consulting services throughout South Africa. When meeting or hearing from a client for the first time,generally speaking,their first words are: ‘I already have a websit... more

Create a website & online store for your business in under 5 minutes - 2017-07-03

Small business owners can now create a full ecommerce website and online store for themselves in UNDER 5 minutes via our Website Shop which runs on Kwikwap - South Africa's easiest and most affordable website creation and management system. Follow these 3 EASY steps and create your affordable ecommerce website in under five minutes for betwe... more

How we are beating Shopify at their own game - 2017-06-26

Through our use of the Kwikwap system we have now created a website store that can create a website for clients in real time that has more benefits and features than any ecommerce system in South Africa. The client simply goes to our website store and selects a design according to their industry and the system automatically creates a website in ... more

We are now Google Certified Partners - 2017-06-26

Through our association with Kwikwap, we are now Google Certified Partners.Kwikwap provides the content management and domain hosting platform upon which all our ecommerce websites run. The minimum ad spend to create a Google Adwords campaign with us is R100.00 per day plus an additional monthly ad management fee of R500.00 rand per month. In... more

Hosting & Domain Fee Structure from 1 May 2017 - 2017-04-18

Our website hosting fees will increase for the first tim in 3 years on 1 May 2017. Our new domain registration and hosting fee structure is as below: Hosting & Domain Fee Structure from 1 May 2017 Ecommerce Website R165.00 pm This package comes with unlimited pages and unlimited email accounts. Starter Websi... more

Our website management & ecommerce system – benefits and features - 2017-04-12

Our content management system – benefits and features The Kwikwap system which runs our ecommerce websites is the most user friendly ecommerce content management system in South Africa. It is also probably the most affordable as well. Below is a list of modules that ALL our websites have automatically built-in and come completely free. ... more

Small business e-mail etiquette - 2017-04-11

Small business e-mail etiquette E-mail in the age of social media and instant messaging is still the preferred communication platform businesses around the world. It is also the best way to store a “paper trail” of communication between your business and your clients, should there be a dispute in the future. These simple rules wou... more

The best ecommerce system for small businesses in South Africa - 2017-04-10

The best ecommerce system for small businesses in South Africa Ecommerce and digital marketing is no longer the sole domain of large corporates with huge budgets since the advent CMS (Content Management System) of open source platforms such as Wordpress and proprietary platforms such Shopify. The access to ecommerce marketing platforms is now av... more

10 EASY WAYS to build your business and increase your sales - 2017-04-06

10 EASY WAYS to build your business and increase your sales Daily, through meetings with clients, who are mostly SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) owners, I find that these small business owners do not understand the potential and rewards accessible through web and digital marketing. Most small business owners just consider a website as a nec... more

Blog your way to BIG profits - 2017-04-03

Blog your way to BIG profits Blogging is the proverbial gold mine of the internet marketing industry for TWO MAIN reasons: It’s EASY – anyone who knows how to write can create blog posts. However to create traffic generating blog posts the person either needs to be an expert blogger/writer or be an expert in their relevant indu... more

Turn your small business into a 24/7 money making machine - 2017-03-30

In the age of online business, business hours have become a thing of the past, just like most landline phones. Today, businesses operate 24/7, and some of the world’s major corporations , like Mcdonalds, have latched onto that fact and adjusted their business hours to serve meals in their restaurants on a 24 hour basis.Whether it’s 1... more

The one thing that every business owner needs to be successful - 2017-03-29

In order for SME’s to be successful in the modern digital economy, they have to grasp the importance of DIGITAL MARKETING. Digital marketing encompasses all aspects of online marketing, which includes platforms such as: social media, Google Adwords, Pay Per Click Advertising, Blogging and array of other channels which all form an essential pa... more

How bad social media management can destroy your business - 2017-03-24

Unless you have been living under a rock in South Africa, you would be aware of the social media furore surrounding the incident at happened at The Glen shopping centre branch of The Spur, an iconic restaurant chain in South Africa, often touted as South Africa’s favourite family restaurant. On Sunday, 19 March, a white man is seen in vide... more

Small business marketing consultants – the first step on the ladder to success. - 2016-11-23

Small business marketing consultants play an integral part in the formulation of a successful small business marketing and development strategy that will take a small business from a hand to mouth existence to becoming a profitable and established business enterprise. The Business Builder is one of the leading small business marketing consultant... more

How to become and remain the best business in your industry - 2016-10-29

Cape Town – 29 October 2016 Becoming a profitable enterprise should never be the sole purpose of a business.Rather building a long lasting and effective presence in your industry,is what will keep your business growing,throughout economic cycles. All of the great business enterprises of the last 100 years have all mostly mostly focused ... more

Meetings will kill your business - 2016-10-27

Many South African businesses and entrepreneurs are failing before they even get started because they refuse to embrace new ways of doing business,instead sticking to outdated business processes which are both costly and unnecessary. As South Africa’s leading business plan and small business marketing consultants,we deal with hundreds of d... more

How to build your business step by step - from your business plan to your website - 2016-09-05

The process of starting and building a business starts with creating a concept and developing it into a fully fledged brand. Follow the following steps to take your business from a concept in a business plan into a recognisable brand. Register a Company – registering your company as separate legal entity should happen right at the be... more

Don’t let time wasters take up your valuable business time - 2016-08-15

As part of any sales and marketing process in the development of a business,you will be faced with challenges to the smooth running of that process.Most of the time those hindrances will come from interaction with potential “clients”.These time wasting “clients” in fact never become clients and it is essential to know how to... more

Why branding is important for SME’s…. - 2016-08-12

Branding,simply stated,is the process of creating a uniform look and identifiable presence for your business,using a variety of visual media. Branding goes hand in hand with the marketing and sales functions of the business and should form an important part of your marketing strategy.Branding over the long term adds intrinsic value to the busine... more

Make money online with your small business - 2016-08-12

Every day the internet is littered with digital ads claiming you can make thousands online without doing much.Most of these ads are from click-baiting websites that take you to some obscure page that wants to sell you some unregulated get rich quick scheme. There is however a sure fire way to online success: with your own ecommerce website,selli... more

The Best Real Estate Training Provider in South Africa - 2016-08-11

New Dimensions Training is a Cape Town based real estate agency training provider that provides all the necessary statutory and compulsory training required by all estate agents and estate agency principles that are required in terms of the regulations as set down by the Estate Agency Affairs Board. New Dimensions Training,even though it is Cape... more

If you don’t market your business,soon you won’t have a business to market. - 2016-08-10

Small business owners often treat the marketing of their businesses as a red-headed stepchild in terms of priorities, until it’s too late to salvage their self-sabotage and acts of complacency. Marketing your small business is like investing in your retirement annuity,it is often ignored until it’s too late and when it’s too la... more

Get your social media marketing mix right. - 2016-08-09

Social media marketing is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy.In many cases small business owners will create social media platforms for their small business even before creating a website. What most people seem to focus on however is "likes" and "followers",and they don't seem to be pushing for engagement... more

How to supercharge your small business online - 2016-07-19

The Business Builder via its affiliation with SA Web Designs and its associated web design and small business marketing agencies offers small business owners the opportunity to supercharge their small businesses both on and offline through the power of digital and conventional marketing.  You may have an amazing business plan,but without di... more

What is the value proposition your business offers to customers - 2016-07-05

The key to small business success is the leveraging of what is sometimes referred to as your “value add” or better known as the value proposition.Your proposed value proposition is how your differentiate your products/services from that of your competition.You cannot differentiate yourself from the competition solely based on price as t... more

Rascals Sports Bar & Restaurant - The Best English Style Pub & Restaurant in Cape Town - 2016-05-05

Sneaking away in a little street off Rosmead Avenue in Claremont is a little gem of a pub called Rascals.Its quaint english-style is evident as soon as you step inside. From my first visit I was impressed by the old style English football styled theme,the menu,and the large variety of beers,both local and international.The menu has traditional p... more

Racists like #MatthewTheunissen are bad for your business - 2016-05-03

Since the start of 2016 there has been a spate of racial outbursts on social media platforms that have shown the power of social media in the digital age.From well personalities like Gareth Cliff,to previously unknown individuals such as Penny Sparrow and Nicole De Klerk,they quickly realised how someone sharing and screen grabbing your posts could... more

Don’t get ripped off with estate agents commission - 2016-04-22

The South African property industry went through a heart wrenching time during the 2008-2009 financial crisis,which was probably one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression which started with the Wall Street Crash of October 1929 and the oil shocks brought about by Opec in the 1970’s. As with every market correction,the ... more

Small business marketing in South Africa has now become BIG business - 2016-04-19

Small business marketing and development and the provision of essential services to small business is an ever expanding market sector in South Africa.With high unemployment and a slowing economy,people have no choice but to start a small business in order to provide an income. Everyone from mobile phone companies to banks have created service of... more

Business Card Marketing for Small Businesses in SA - 2016-04-04

Even with the rise of digital and social media,the powerful effect of business card marketing has still remained.The handing out of a simple business card,brings with it the potential of recurring future business and the establishment of long-term business relationships. Every business successful business owner knows that his business card is on... more

A blog is better for your business than a Facebook page - 2016-04-01

A blog is better for your business than a Facebook page. As social media has taken the world by storm,almost every business from the corner café to large corporates have invested time and effort in creating and marketing a Facebook page.While it is necessary for businesses to have a Facebook page as of any successful social media marketin... more

Do not allow yourself to be harassed by debt collectors – KNOW YOUR RIGHTS - 2016-03-29

All of us have debt,whether it’s credit cards,retail accounts,cellphone accounts or a home loan.With unemployment on the rise,more and more South African’s are getting to a point where they will at some stage default on their payments.This often leaves the field wide open for unscrupulous debt collectors,who engage in unethical practice... more

Affordable digital marketing platforms every small business owner can use to implement their marketing plans - 2016-03-22

The marketing plan is usually developed as part of the formulation of a comprehensive plan.I however propose that the marketing plan should also be developed as an independent instrument of business growth.In the age of digital and social media,marketing plans simply relying on the old 4 P’s of marketing,are not only antiquated but also highl... more

You might not be liable for an old debt - 2016-03-17

Many of us, have over the years been subjected to agrressive calls by debt collectors,wanting us to enter into a payment arrangement.This they often do knowing that the debt may have prescribed,meaning you are no longer legally obligated to pay it. Consumers can use prescription as a defence if,in the past three years: - No summons has been i... more

Follow up on our blog: The risks of dealing with an unregistered estate agent - 2016-03-17

A recent blog post by us,dealing with the risks of consumers engaging the services of unregistered agents,was used as the basis for an online news article recently published the Roodepoort Record. In our blog we made reference to Kevin Peacock,who is not registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board.In the article Mr Peacock claims that he shu... more

Newspaper writes article based on our blog - 2016-03-16

A community newspaper in Johannesburg,The Roodepoort Record,used a recent blog written by us about unregistered estate agents as the basis for an article about an allegedly illegal estate agent,Kevin Peacock, operating on the West Rand of Johannesburg. The article in the Roodepoort Record can be viewed here. Our blog post about the risks of d... more

How to make R2500.00 per day and earn passive income - 2016-03-14

The internet is now the location of the global market place.Small businesses around the world have had to adapt to selling online or face closure.The need for ecommerce and online services grows daily. As designers of Kwikwap websites,we can provide you with the best business and money making opportunity in South Africa.Kwikwap is the world&rsqu... more

Your social media posts can result in content fatigue - 2016-03-13

Many small businesses in South Africa use social media platforms as their sole online platform.They might just have a Facebook page without a website.Research has shown however that businesses with only a Facebook page and no website,lack the credibility that will allow consumers to further engage.Without that further engagement there cannot be sal... more

The risks of dealing with an unregistered estate agent - 2016-03-12

The Estate Agency Affairs Act of 1976 defines an estate agent as: (a) any who for the acquisition of gain on his own account or in partnership,in any manner holds himself out as a person who,directly  or indirectly advertises that he,on the instructions of or on behalf of any other person – Sells or purchases or publicly exhibits for ... more

Why email marketing is still the easiest way of marketing your small business - 2016-03-09

Before the advent of social media,email was the primary media format driving the online marketing efforts of businesses,both big and small. Surprise surprise,today email marketing is still the easiest and cheapest way to market your business online. Some of the reasons why email marketing is still the best way to market a small business are: ... more

Why your small business should have a blog? - 2016-03-07

Most modern websites have or should have a blogging function attached or linked it. That means that as a small business owner you are no longer only a marketer but also a publisher. Most small business owners often overlook the tremendous benefits of blogging regularly.Instead of seeing blogging as a burdensome exercise,you should view your blog... more

The 6 P’s of Marketing for small businesses in South Africa - 2016-03-07

Constant marketing on all fronts are the wheels that drives a small business forward.With evolution of online marketing via the internet and social media,that means you are marketing your business 24/7 even if the doors of your business may be physically closed during certain hours. For many years,marketing pundits have pushed the 4 basic princi... more