Our website management & ecommerce system – benefits and features

Our content management system – benefits and features

The Kwikwap system which runs our ecommerce websites is the most user friendly ecommerce content management system in South Africa. It is also probably the most affordable as well.

Below is a list of modules that ALL our websites have automatically built-in and come completely free. Not all these modules are required by all businesses but are nonetheless available to you at the click of a button

List of Kwikwap Modules and Features:

Module Features
Products/Services Unlimited amount of products and services can be added.Unlimited product categories can be added.Each product can be keyworded in order to optimize your pages to be found by search engines.
Ecommerce/Online Store Sell your products/services via your own online store with all payment options available.Create an online catalogue/brochure within your store.
Newsletter/Blog Create blog posts or electronic newsletters that can be emailed to up to 5000 email subscribers. You can add Youtube videos and images as well as links to other websites or link to content on your own website.Also has other plugins such as Google Maps and Contact forms which can be inserted into your newsletters or blogs.
Announcements Create announcements that scroll across your website. Ideal for promoting events or new product launches.
Photo Gallery Create unlimited album folders with an unlimited amount of images.Both albums and individual images can be captioned.
Documents & Brochures Upload your company documents and brochures for download from your website. Ideal for documents such as company profiles/application forms etc.
Survey/Forms Create forms to collect customer data such a quote request form. Client details get automatically added to your email database.
FAQ's Frequently asked questions can be updated automatically on your website and clients can ask additional questions that are not listed on your website.
Custom Pages Create customised pages for your website when you need data specific to your business added when such a page or module does not exist in the CMS.
Members Only Area Restrict certain sections of your website to members only. Visitors would have to register before being able to access those sections of your website.
Online Ticket Sales Sell tickets for an event via your ecommerce system. The system automatically reduces the amount of tickets available as tickets are sold.Create different categories of tickets with different pricing structures.
3rd Level Product Pages Create levels of Products such as - Fruit/Bananas/Local Bananas.The Products and Services Module only has two categories eg. Fruit - Bananas
Industrial Properties This module is created for estate agents selling industrial properties.List up to 999 properties with 12 images per property.
Data Sheet Module Upload searchable database to your website where visitors can search for a result using a certain critera such as a staff number or ID or student number.
Additional Pages Add another set of pages to your site to perhaps list another group of products or services to your page so that they are listed separately.
Directory  Create an online directory within your website. 
Forum  Created a discussion forum within your website where visitors can add new topics and discuss topics.
Recrutment Module This module is specifically for HR practictioners and recruitment agences. List jobs by category. Job seekers can also upload their details.List up to 999 positions.
Loan Application Form  The application forms are intelligent in the sense that it checks the ID number for validity and returns different questions depending on the preceding questions. The completed application forms will then be emailed to your email address.Ideal for loan brokers/agents
Appointment Booking Form Here you can add a menu item to your website which adds a "Book Appointment" link which enables an appointment booking form. The user is able to select from available times via a calendar. The completed appointment booking forms will then be emailed to a specified email address and can also send an SMS to your cellnumber.
Estate Agent Module List up to 999 properties with 12 images per property.
Branch Module The branch Module will allow you to link the content on your website to another website. Using this module you will be able to display the services, prices and other modules on your website which is then maintained by another website (from head office for example)
Auto Dealer Up to 999 listings with 12 images per listing
Caravan Dealer Up to 999 listings with 12 images per listing
Bike Dealer Up to 999 listings with 12 images per listing
Boat Dealer Up to 999 listings with 12 images per listing
Accomodation Enquiry Form Setup a form with different fields to be completed by clients to to enquire about available accomodation.
Communicate with Customers Send bulk emails and sms's automatically from a built in system. Up to 500o free bulk emails per month and additional charges per sms.
Animated Logo Banner Add your logo to display as a banner on your website
Digital Downloads Sell electonic media such as music,photography and e-books via the digital download facility which is linked to the ecommerce system.
Social Media contact tabs Add links to all you social media platform to display on your website.
Classified Ads Create a classifieds website within your website with all categories. up to 999 ads can be created.
Tractor Dealer Up to 999 listings with 12 images per listing
Links page Link to other websites from your site. Use to to link to businesses you collaborate with or to client websites.
Business Module Create subsites for other businesses within your website
Video Listing  Embed Youtube videos in a video gallery on your website.
Rental Agent List up to 999 rental properties on your website with up to 12 images per property.
Testomonials List testimonials on your website from satisfied customers. Customers can also submit testimonials directly from your website.
Accomodation Listings & Booking Bookings can be made per venue or even per room and is linked to the ecommerce system.
SMS Reminders Set sms reminders to remind you of things such as client birthdays.


Our ecommerce website features:

- Unlimited Pages

- Unlimited Email Accounts

- Mobile responsibe website

- User friendly content management system - takes less than an hour to learn how to use the system

- Bulk SMS system

- Google Maps

- Built in SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation)

Our ecommerce websites are available in custom or template design.

To buy a full ecommerce website today please go HERE and submite the form and pay the deposit and your website and doman will be active within 48-72 hours. 


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