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The food industry is one of the most competitive industries, not only in South Africa, but globally.Every other week a new fad in food is being raved about online not only to stimulate our taste buds but also to open our wallets.

Some of the biggest companies in the world are food retailers and restaurant chains such as Woolworths, Walmart, Mcdonalds and Burger King.

However, on the other end of the spectrum are family-owned restaurants that appeal to those who desire everything from wood-fired pizza’s to a 5-course fine dining experience.

It’s these restaurants that need to innovate and constantly market themselves to keep the feet walking in by the door especially during off-peak times.In Cape Town for instance, many establishments can make enough money during the December festive period, to last them well into the 2nd quarter of the next year.

The challenge each and every one of these restaurants faces is how to market themselves online to a broader audience, beyond the traditional walk-in clientele, especially in digital and online marketing space.

As one of Cape Town and South Africa’s leading and most affordable web design and digital marketing agencies, we can provide a highly professional and affordable web design and digital marketing service to restaurant owners.

We can offer restaurant owners a fully customised ecommerce websites with following features that will help boost online sales and bookings for your venue:

  • Documents & Brochures – add your full menu to your website in pdf format so that visitors to your restaurant’s website can download it and view it on their laptop, pc, or smartphone.
  • Testimonials – get happy customers, especially well known clients, to write testimonials endorsing your venue and the food and have it displayed on your website.
  • Booking Form – this form allows customers to make online bookings for your venue, the bookings can also be confirmed and cancelled via the online booking form.
  • Newsletter – send a monthly or weekly newsletter out to your subscribers to keep them informed of news additions to the menu or upcoming events.
  • Specials & Promotions Page - run a special or discounted promotion for a specific item on your menu.
  • Events Calendar – the calendar will display on your website and you can add notices of events such as wine tasting or other events happening at your venue.
  • Online Ordering & Payment – through the ecommerce facility, clients can order meals and pay for them online.

To have a full ecommerce website designed, that will boost turnover in your restaurant, go to our Website Shop.

As South Africa’s leading web design and digital marketing agency, we can create a customised website for your restaurant no matter where in South Africa you are based, from our offices in Cape Town.


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